Susanna Wagner

member of gsb krems (advisory committee for architecture, krems) since 2019
tu wien, institut für hochbau 2 (institute of building and industrial construction), studio supervision 2014-2019
member of the examination commission for the licensing examination for architects (“ziviltechnikerprüfung”) since 2015
tu wien, institut für gebäudelehre (institute of building theory by design), studio supervision 2010-2020
member of the gestaltungsbeirat niederösterreich (advisory committee for architecture, lower austria) since 2007
tu wien, institut für gestaltungslehre (institute of design theory), teaching assignment in 2005
licensed architect (“ziviltechnikerin“) since 1998
tu wien, institut für wohnbau (institute of housing), teaching assignment for the course “stadt.stand.punkt“ in 1994
prolegomena award of the tu wien 1988
studied architecture at tu wien, graduated from tu wien in 1993

collaboration with andreas lichtblau since 1987