Stadt.Raum Cathedral Eisenstadt

repositioning the cathedral in an urban environment by visibly connecting the city centre with the cathedral’s interior

in terms of urban planning, the design articulates a visible pathway from the urban space via the cathedral square to the main portal. this path is visualised by means of marginal interventions in the form of surface and material structures: the cathedral square features sandstone concrete paving, while the interior of the cathedral is paved with natural stone slabs of the same colour.
by raising the floor in the nave, the cathedral’s interior is connected to the space outside without a level change. the extensive carpet is fine-tuned to the colourfulness of the apse windows, thus connecting the nave with the altar area.

Address: Domplatz 1, 7000 Eisenstadt

Client: Dom- und Stadtpfarre zum Heiligen Martin

Project management : Andreas Lichtblau, Susanna Wagner

Collaboration: Christiane Mück, Pascale Neuens

competition 2000

Ranking: first prize

completion 2003

Planning: 2002-2003

Construction: 2002-2003

floor area: cathedral 744 m², sacristy 285 m²

built-up area: cathedral 1.067 m², sacristy 316 m²

cubage: 24.000 m³