residential complex himbselstrasse, starnberg

interweaving structures
a network of anthracite-coloured main paths and beige-coloured side paths interweaves old and new structures, while simultaneously creating open spaces offering different qualities. the different colours provide orientation and create zones.
small open spaces in front of the main entrances of the new residential building serve as informal meeting points for residents and neighbours.
in the inner courtyard, the interweaving structures creates a central community space open to all generations.
the extension of the loggia north of the tower leads to a piece of combination furniture, comprising a pergola, a sandbox and a wooden deck; south of the tower, it leads to the easily visible children’s play area.
additional wooden decks at key intersections act as smaller meeting points and landmarks.

promoting a sense of community
the design of all the spaces aims at promoting a sense of community by ensuring that they can be used by all residents.
various playing areas, such as the children’s area in the community space, the bocce court in the northern open space, and grassy play areas are welcoming to all generations.
moreover, raised beds in the eastern part of the complex and near the orchard are available to residents for growing fruit and vegetables, and offer yet another space for communication.

guiding trees
the residential area is permeated and, at the same time, structured by different types of trees.
smaller trees are planted in the area of the underground car park and form groves at key landmarks.
tall canopy trees, such as sophora, betula, paulownia, gleditsia and celtis, frame the complex and highlight the entrances to the individual buildings.
in the playing area, a grove of amelanchier trees provides shade and, with its typical autumn colours, creates a fascinating atmosphere throughout the year.
in the orchard south of the complex, the existing apple trees have been complemented with additional fruit trees free for the residents to use.

invitational competition 2014