extension of an existing house with a studio and living space located in an environmentally protected area

the building is conceived as an earth house with few outside surfaces to minimise heat loss, and with the roof surfaces interpreted as horizontal extensions of the slope. the yard between the two structures follows the original shape of the slope before the building was constructed, thus preserving the original terrain and allowing the building to merge with the surrounding landscape. light shafts in the roof bathe the underground rooms in natural light. the interior is completely made of wood and is partly the result of a do-it-yourself project.

Address: Weingraben 40, 3413 Hintersdorf

Client: privat

Project management : Andreas Lichtblau, Susanna Wagner

Collaboration: Markus Kierner

study 1996

completion 2009

Planning: 1997-2009

Construction: 1997-2009

living area: 350 m²

built-up area: 400 m²

cubage: 1900 m³