extension of an office and administrative building constructed in line with low-energy principles

this low-energy office building in gleisdorf utilises a technically complex ventilation system with a heating and cooling function as well as a supply of conditioned fresh air. specially planted trees in front of the glass facade serve as a ‘technical’ element of shading and seasonally regulate the amount of sunlight penetrating the glass facade. the volume of the open rooms and the transparent shell of the building bring out the light-coloured furniture designed by the architects to tremendous effect.

Address: Florianiplatz 12, 8200 Gleisdorf

Client: pilz + rath steuer- und wirtschaftsberatungs kg, gleisdorf

Project management : andreas lichtblau, susanna wagner

study 1993–94

completion 1998

Planning: 1996-1998

Construction: 1996-1998

gross floor area: 586 m²

built-up area: 400 m²

cubage: 3.364 m²