parish centre Podersdorf

The major extension of the parish centre in the Burgenland community of Podersdorf creates a complex sequence of spaces that are perceived as you walk through them. In urban design terms the old church remains the symbolic element of the entire centre.

The main direction of the space in which Mass is celebrated is swivelled through 90 degrees. This change in direction addresses the notion of leaving everyday life behind and preparing oneself for and concentrating on the liturgical celebration. In accordance with the liturgical concept the altar and ambo are made as “stones“ of equal importance and function as a longitudinally oriented centre for the rows of seats. The interior of the church is characterised by extreme simplicity and functionality. The predominant white used for walls and floor as well as the black for the liturgical fittings recalls the colours of the habit worn by the Cistercian order, which when first founded was extremely ascetic. As a contribution to visual art members of the parish community formulated what they regard as important about the theme “family” on a glass wall that encloses the new building complex: all this is presented for public discussion.

Address: Seestrasse 67, 7141 Podersdorf Am See

Client: Stift Heiligenkreuz

Project management : Andreas Lichtblau, Susanna Wagner

Collaboration: Waltraud Derntl, Markus Kierner

invitational competition 1998

Ranking: first prize

completion 2002

Planning: 2000-2002

Construction: 2000-2002

floor area: 1.130 m²

built-up area: 1.473 m²

cubage: 6.485 m³