School of Health Care and Nursing, Wien

Training college with 2 to 3 year training courses for 600 students 27 classrooms, examination rooms and computer rooms

Situated in the area of the Kaiser Franz Joseph Hospital, the compact and transparent volume of this school for 600 students effectively upgrades its surroundings which are affected by heavy traffic. The building is consistently organized in layers: All the teaching spaces are oriented towards the park side of the hospital, whereas all ancillary spaces are organised in spatial figures loosely placed towards the urban street space. The entire building is a coherent open spatial volume that provides space for differentiated communication between teachers and students. An intelligent fire protection concept with self-closing, sliding fire protection doors and a fire smoke ventilation system that vents through the roof facilitated the strategy of a 4-storey open hall. A technically sophisticated ventilation system ensures the supply of fresh conditioned air for all the classrooms. A heat recovery system utilises the energy generated in the entire building and the warmth given off by the students to achieve a substantial reduction in the amount of energy required for heating

Address: Kundratstraße 3 1100 Wien

Client: Stadt Wien, Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund, Generaldirektion

Project management : andreas lichtblau, susanna wagner

Collaboration: petra glaninger, elke jutzi, ton homs i rodo, sandra permann, doreen todtenhaupt, elisabeth torggler, tobias markus

Expert review process 2004

Ranking: first prize

completion 2010

Planning: 2004-2008

Construction: 2009-2010

floor area: 4.396 m²

built-up area: 2.137 m²

cubage: 30.073 m³