Solar.roof Wien 5

roof conversion in a building from the late 19th century

the solar roof project in the fifth district of vienna is a prototypical extension of the top floor of a building from the late 19th century. the main focus is on energy-efficient development: the old roof truss was removed and replaced with a rear-ventilated, reinforced-concrete construction. large-scale glazing and solar panels harness solar power, while ventilation flaps enable cross ventilation. the open-plan design in the kitchen areas and bathrooms, designed only as function zones, allows for the neutral use of the rooms.

Address: Diehlgasse 50, 1050 Wien

Client: privat

Project management : andreas lichtblau, susanna wagner

study 1992

completion 1997

Planning: 1996-1997

Construction: 1996-1997

living area: 240 m²

number of flats: 4

built-up area: 335 m²