federal office building bregenz

federal office building for finance, the educational board and the police

the difficult task of seamlessly interweaving the old structure and the new construction has been accomplished in this project. through an analogue gesture of urban planning as an appropriate reaction to the old structure using different means of urban as well as architectural planning, the architects achieved the sufficient separation of old and new, on the one hand, and an artistically contained structure that enhances each of the individual sections, on the other. the staggered arrangement achieved through the use by means of thin slabs conveys a balanced relationship between quiet calm and dynamics.

excerpt from the jury report by Ernst Hiesmayr, Adolf Krischanitz, and others

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 45, Bregenz 6900

Client: republik österreich vertreten durch big bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.h.

Project management : andreas lichtblau, susanna wagner

Collaboration: natalia sevillano, pascale neuens, markus kierner

competition 1994

Ranking: first prize

Not built

Gross floor area: 11.768 m²

cubage: 33.446 m³